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Reince Preibus Taking Credit For Leading On Immigration Reform

Reince Priebus talking about the GOP’s attempts at Hispanic outreach and the Republican party’s “leadership” on immigration reform, said of the bill yet-to-pass The Crazy House:

“We need a solution that strengthens families. We need a solution that expands economic opportunity. And one of the reasons we need improved border security — that is not mentioned enough — is to further prevent violence and drug trafficking… and the brutal human trafficking and exploitation of women and girls,” he said at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials conference.

Priebus added that it’s “important that Republicans are taking a lead in this policy discussion.”

And that solution involves 700 additional miles of wall, and that solution will be final! You know? for kids!

It’s funny that Priebus hits on all the GOP’s targets for fake-outreach in one sentence(women and minorities)to promote 2000 miles of wall and tanks on the border. Because walls are all about expanding economic opportunity and preventing bad stuff from happening to good people, otherwise the Mexicans win.

The Republican party didn’t even take the lead in the Senate, as the bill passed with a majority of Senate Republicans voting against reform by a margin of 32-14.

Lead, follow, or act like racist, obstructionist lunatics and call it, “leading!

Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs is at odds with Reince Priebus and the GOP’s West Side Story stab at outreach:

“We are convinced that fences do not unite [both nations],” Meade said. “The enlargement of this wall is not congruent with plans to create a modern and secure border, and to develop the region.”

Meade thanked the U.S. government for the bill’s main aim: trying to establish a legal status for millions of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., many of whom are Mexican. But he said that plans for increased fencing and patrolling – which have been attached to immigration reform efforts by conservative politicians – would hamper commerce along the border and disrupt the lives of 14 million people who live in counties on either side of the fence.

“Our country has let the U.S. government know that measures which will affect the links between communities do not coincide with the principles of good neighborship and shared responsibility,” Meade said in typical diplomatic parlance.

Well played, Republicans. You’re walling us in to alienate our neighbor.

Democrats have based reform upon DREAM Act ideals. Republicans are promoting nightmares and calling it, “leadership!”

If they say it enough times in español, they seem to think that no one will notice that they’ve anchored the worst in humanity to a noble endeavor.