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Reince Priebus Wants To Know What Hillary’s Crazy Brain Has Accomplished

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus took to the world stage today on Meet The Press to go off on Hillary Clinton’s brain, age, and experience.

When asked by David Gregory if it’s over the line attacking Hillary Clinton’s age and health, Priebus answered, “Look, I think that health and age is fair game. It’s fair game for Ronald Reagan. It’s fair game for John McCain. When people came at John McCain and said maybe he’s psychologically not fit because he was a prisoner of war.”

Couple points. Ronald Reagan died of Alzheimer’s disease– the most common form of dementia– something the entire GOP should consider being checked for.  So, score one for those who dared to question whether he was of sound mind and body.

And John McCain? The man who picked Sarah Palin as his go-to president of the free world? A man with a well-established history of erratic behavior and bizarre remarks?

Score one more for those who dared to question the soundness of the same Republican party leaders who unapologetically gave us a president with Alzheimer’s!

If the GOP thinks Hillary shares their collective common traits of a warped mind, they haven’t articulated it– at all. But I hear that conspiracy theories are a form of derangement, and the entire GOP seems to be forever stricken.

After muttering something about Benghazi! Benghazi! David Gregory asked, “Is she the candidate that you and the Republican Party most fear?”

“No, actually I don’t fear — I think Hillary is a known product,” said the Grand Exalted Prince of Damaged Goods. “Actually I think it’s sometimes worse running against a blank slate. Hillary has decades of history for us to explore,” he said.

I smell your fear, Priebus!

And then Priebus said this: “You know, her role in HillaryCare, when she was First Lady. Her Senate experience, where there’s nothing significant to point to. And her secretary of state experience, which is not just not significant, but there’s all kinds of problems for.”

Hahaha! No fear, says Priebus! And they have decades of history to explore! Which is why, in the year 2014, the Republican party is so obviously exhausted, punched too many times in the face after all these years, the best they can come up with is “she’s older!”

No experience, other than the unique experience of being the First Lady for eight years, then a Senator for eight years, and then coming in a close second to the most formidable campaign in recent history in Barack Obama’s, and then— Secretary of State!

The GOP are moral and ethical failures, but especially when it comes to judgement of character and soundness of mind. If they think they have a candidate more qualified than Hillary Clinton, their beryllium sphere is beyond repair.

But Republicans can’t show fear because that’s one of the oldest rules of sales. Their poker-face is all bluff, as it always is, and one more way I know this is because I’ve been out there in rural Illinois lately, Red country, and I’ve been seeing a recurring theme on bumpers and back windows throughout:



Good luck with that, Republicans.