Religious Liberty!

The Right Wing is very, very concerned about the threat to religious liberty posed by the Obama Administration.

So concerned that they're outlawing some forms of religious expression while enshrining their own.

Yesterday, within the span of 24 hours, the Florida House passed a bill to allow prayer in public schools and another to crack down on the supposed threat of Sharia law.

In a lopsided 88-27 vote, the chamber okayed a bill to allow any student to deliver “inspirational messages,” including religious prayers, at public-school events. “Look at what just happened in Ohio,” one lawmaker said, referencing the recent school school shooting there. “The kids need to have prayer at school.” Another explained the need by citing the “sex, gambling and all of the moral decay that’s on our televisions and radios.”

The ACLU and Anti-Defamation League believe the bill violates the separation of Church and State and have threatened legal action. Meanwhile, the other bill bans the use of “foreign law,” with an implicit focus on the supposed dangers of Sharia. When asked, the bill’s sponsor couldn’t point to a single cases in Florida in which a judge ruled on Sharia, but said the state needs to “jump in front of the problem.”

Personally, I'm far more afraid of Christian law than Sharia law.

There are no documented cases of Sharia law actually being used in a United States court, however the imposition of Christian dogma is a part of everyday life for people across the country.

The War on Women is a shining example of this, wherein the Religious Right is attempting to suspend your liberty to not be ruled over by their religion.

By the way, if you want to talk moral decay, turn on Rush Limbaugh. Turn on Fox News. Programs that believe lying is a virtue. Where "slut" is treated as just another point of view. And I don't believe Ohio students were shot because they don't pray enough. I think it has more to do with there being 3 guns for every 1 person in this country.