Election 2012

Reminder: Democratic Party Also Caucused Yesterday

The majority of attention of the past 24 hours has been focused on the Clown Car Primary vote and Mitt Romney's razor-thin margin of victory. Not to be overlooked however, the Democratic party also caucused in Iowa yesterday and turnout was surprisingly good considering there was no challenger.

The official campaign blog posted photos of the Democratic caucus collected via Twitter last night. I've selected a few to share here.

By @emilyholley

by @tydavisphoto

by @mattyigreene

According to Obama for America Iowa, 7,500 people volunteered for the campaign to re-elect President Obama yesterday, and a total of 25,000 turned out for the Democratic caucus.

No word on how many people voted "uncommitted." Probably none.

Update... I've been informed 1.5% of those polled voted "uncommitted." That doesn't exactly blow my skirt up.