Rick Perry Super Stupid

Reminder: The New Rick Perry is Still Saying Stupid Shit

Written by SK Ashby

The new Rick Perry may not melt down on stage as the previous version of himself did, but he still has plenty of stupid left in the tank to share with the rest of us.

During an appearance on Newsmax TV, Perry described the attack on the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina as an "accident" that may have been caused by prescriptions drugs.


“This is the MO of this administration, any time there is an accident like this — the president is clear, he doesn’t like for Americans to have guns and so he uses every opportunity, this being another one, to basically go parrot that message,” Perry said.

Instead of talking about guns, Perry said, we should be talking about prescription drugs: “Also, I think there is a real issue to be talked about. It seems to me, again without having all the details about this, that these individuals have been medicated and there may be a real issue in this country from the standpoint of these drugs and how they’re used.”

In America, a white man can explicitly declare his racially-motivated intentions to kill and intimidate black people, then follow through on that threat, and conservatives will go to any length to point a finger in any other direction they can think of it.

Was it racism? No, it was prescription drugs. Or it was the gays. Or it was the liberals. Or it was the president being divisive. Or it was an attack on religion. Or it was literally anything else other than what the killer himself has made obvious.

I suppose they cannot acknowledge that racism exists because many of their constituents are racists and we wouldn't want to offend them, would we?

To be fair, several Republicans have now admitted that the attack on the church was racially-motivated, but none of those who have will become the Republican nominee for president.

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