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Rep. Paul Ryan Says The Tea Party Is Indispensable


Modern Day GOP


Having to do damage control over the backdrop of Tea Party cannons, semi-automatic muskets and money bombs being fired into crowds of Republicans,  Rep. Paul Ryan told Fox News Sunday that the right wing terrorists he’s in cahoots with are “valuable”– estimates of at least $1.05– and he’d prefer that the American people never heard a word of this “conversation.” You know? for appearances.

“I  think these groups are valuable. They’re part of our conservative family. I’d prefer to keep these conversations within our family.”

See? Everything’s fine. No worries, America. Nothing to see. Cletus just drank too much jug wine, assaulted every woman in attendance, threatened to set fire to the house, shouted racist obscenities before pissing in the punch bowl and finally passing out to his favorite snuff films, but he’s good people.

Talking about Speaker Boehner’s recent fighting words about being pushed around by the Tea Party, which unleashed hell within the GOP– with For America chairman Brent Bozell calling all this ‘personal’ and a ‘declaration of war’– Paul Ryan attempted to smooth things over:

“John was frustrated because they came out against our agreement before we even reached an agreement. I was frustrated as well. But I see the Tea Party as indispensable.”

Yes, of course. The Tea Party is as indispensable as ever!

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