Rep. Ted Poe Doesn’t Pay Attention to Anything and Blames the President

Written by SK Ashby

Rudy Giuliani may have slinked away back under his bridge for the time being, but we still have the entire rest of the Republican party to suggest that President Obama is somehow in cahoots with ‘Islamic terrorists' because he hasn't said those exact words, or something.

Representative Ted Poe (R-TX) appeared on Family Research Council President Tony Perkins' hate radio show yesterday, just as Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) did over the weekend, to decry a Department of Homeland Security memo outlining the threat posed by so-called sovereign citizens.

Poe is outraged that the Department of Homeland Security would warn agencies and departments across the country about the danger posed by non-existent (he says) domestic terrorists while the president himself is barely lifting a finger to fight Islamic terrorists.

via RightWingWatch

POE: The idea that Americans who are conservatives, that disagree with the president, are just as threatening as ISIS, whose whole existence is to kill us in the name of their religion, even though the president won’t say ‘Islamic terrorists,’ he’ll call people on the Right terrorists, is nonsense, it is just utter nonsense. There is no evidence of anything like that and once again more fear tactics out of the administration.

It’s concerning to us because of the, in my opinion, how the president so meekly addresses Islamic radical terrorists who want to kill us in the name of their religion, in how he deals with them and yet he’s really quick to call out the Right with absolutely no evidence that they are just as serious threats to our country. It’s very disturbing that the president would take that political position.

Like his fellow Texas colleague Lamar Smith, it appears that Representative Poe doesn't to pay very close attention to anything, really, and he blames the president for his own ignorance.

So-called sovereign citizens and other domestic terrorists have carried out dozens of attacks over the last several years, as outlined by the new Homeland Security memo, and most of the attacks have targeted local police officers and government buildings.

Just recently a man, Larry Steven McQuilliams, opened fire in Poe's home state of Texas at the Mexican consulate and local police department headquarters in Austin. McQuilliams was a right-wing extremist Christian.

Does Representative Poe pay attention to what's happening in his home state?

The Republican party fancies itself as the party of law enforcement that routinely defends police officers against the radical Obama administration which supposedly hates police officers, but local police officers are often the first targets of right-wing domestic terrorists.

Two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers were executed last Summer while they were having lunch by Jerad and Amanda Miller; right-wing lunatics who hoped their attack would ignite a revolution.

Does Representative Poe pay attention to the killing of police officers?

Poe frames the Homeland Security memo on domestic terrorism as a partisan or political issue, but domestic terrorists don't necessarily chose targets in a partisan manner unless you expect me to believe that local police departments and city government buildings in conservative states (which have been attacked by domestic terrorists) are staffed exclusively by Democrats. A memo from the Department of Homeland Security addressed to all agencies and departments should be taken seriously because any of them could be next regardless of the ideology shared by a majority of their staff. Departments staffed by a majority of conservative Republicans are still, ultimately, agents of the government who may be targeted by anti-government extremists.

Poe's assertion that the president has "meekly" addressed the threat posed by the so-called Islamic State is further evidence that Poe, like his colleague Lamar Smith, doesn't pay attention to anything.

As we've covered several times, the United States and other coalition partners have launched nearly 5,000 strikes against ISIS according to the Pentagon.