Repeat: Americans Support Raising Taxes

According to a new Gallup poll, a clear majority of Americans support the "Buffet Rule," which would impose an alternative minimum tax to ensure men like Warren Buffet, and Mitt Romney, pay a tax rate equal to or above their servants and secretaries.

A new Gallup poll shows President Obama’s proposed “Buffett Rule,” which raises the marginal tax rate on those Americans making over a million dollars a year, is widely supported by Americans. A 60 percent majority of Americans polled support the idea, while 37 percent don’t. Independents support the measure 63 - 33, Democrats at an even higher rate, while Republicans are the only voting bloc to oppose the idea 43 - 54.

The Gallup poll also indicates that a slim majority of those at higher income levels also support the Buffet Rule.

Meanwhile, the big hub-bub today follows the release of 12 years of tax returns from President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. And in an entirely ironic fashion, the conservative blogosphere is busy constructing another giant Nothingburger out of the fact that President Obama has paid less in taxes than his secretaries.

It's ironic because that's the entire point of the Buffet Rule, and President Obama has made it perfectly clear that he supports raising his own taxes.

Now can we get a poll of the Romney Rule?