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Report: Fox News Had Outside Help in Covering Up Scandals

Written by SK Ashby

According to documents reviewed by the Huffington Post, agents at the ICM talent agency refused to help a former Fox News contributor who reported that she had been sexually assaulted by a Fox News executive.

Former contributor Tamara Holder accused former Fox News Latino vice president Francisco Cortes of assault and reported it to her agents, but her agents refused to speak to her attorney.

Agents from ICM, a top talent agency that represents television stars like Ellen DeGeneres and news anchors like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, discouraged a client, who was a Fox News contributor at the time, from approaching the network with a claim that she had been sexually assaulted by a Fox News executive. Later, when the contributor decided to file a claim against the network, the agents ignored multiple requests from her attorneys to corroborate her story and provide evidence of their communication with Fox News.

ICM has now launched their own investigation of their dealings with Fox News and the agents involved in Holder's case. Who knows what that could turn up?

Fox News reportedly settled with Tamara Holder for more than $2.5 million, but that payment was apparently not disclosed to the public until the New York Times released a report on a swath of secret settlements Fox News has paid to various victims and accusers.

Holder's $2.5 million settlement could be among the payments being reviewed by federal prosecutors who believe 21st Century Fox hid settlements from company shareholders.