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Report: Indictments Coming in New Jersey Bridge Scandal


If this report from NBC is accurate, as many as a dozen indictments could be issued in January in relation to the closure of the George Washington Bridge.

Those facing potential indictment include former staffers to Gov. Christie and current and former Port Authority officials, the sources said. Possible charges may be related to what sources familiar with the probe describe to NBC 4 New York as an apparent conspiracy to cover up what they refer to as a politically motivated plot. […]

NBC 4 New York learned of the potential development in the investigation a day after a 136-page interim report by a joint legislative panel tasked with investigating the lane closures found no evidence Christie was involved in the scheme.

I understand that investigators have found no concrete proof that Governor Chris Christie himself was involved, but this looks very similar to the investigation of Governor Scott Walker’s office in Wisconsin and the prosecution of some of his former staff.

In both cases, persons very close to and surrounding the governor are indicted or implicated while the governor himself narrowly escapes. And in both cases, I find it extremely hard to believe that the head of state was not at all involved.

Just because there isn’t enough evidence to indict Governor Christie, or Governor Walker, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t guilty.

An indictment of Christie’s staff will provide ample fodder on the campaign trail should he chose to run for higher office. He won’t be able to bluster and bully his way through national scrutiny or the televisions ads and robocalls his fellow Republican opponents will surely unleash on him.