Report: No Border Lawmakers Support Trump’s Fantasy Wall

Written by SK Ashby

The Wall Street Journal spoke to every member of Congress hailing from districts along our southern border and, while some Republicans didn't directly answer the question, none expressed open support for Trump's fantasy border wall.

Per the report, the Wall Street Journal surveyed lawmakers who represent territory on the United States' southwest border and found that most are opposed to Trump's request for funding to begin work on the wall, while many still have questions.

"Not a single member of the House or Senate representing the region expressed support for the funding request," per the report, which noted that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were included in the survey.

The most amusing face-saving deflection was offered by Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) who said he will "continue to review options as the current appropriations process moves forward."

That's incredibly funny because there is no appropriations process.

Moreover, Republicans have not completed the appropriations process in years. The federal government is currently funded by a continuing resolution of the fiscal 2016 budget signed by President Obama which was more or less a continuance of the fiscal 2015 budget. Federal spending has been almost static for several years.

The last time Republicans attempted to complete the appropriations process, they called the whole thing off to avoid holding a vote on displaying the Confederate flag at federal cemeteries.