Report: Only 3 Senators in 3 Years Have Asked to View the “Secret” Trade Deal

I would have said the liberal backlash to Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal negotiations is ridiculous, but now I find it comical in a "are you shitting me" kind of way.

According to The Hill, only three senators have taken advantage of the opportunity to review the deal which they have derided for being "secret."

About 40 House members and three senators have asked to view the text of a massive Asia-Pacific trade deal in the three years since it was made available by the White House, according to records obtained by The Hill. [...]

A congressional uproar led the Obama administration to relax the rules for viewing the TPP text, which is now kept in the basement of the Capitol and is available to any lawmaker — and their staffers with the proper security clearance — who wants to see it.

The next town crier who shows their face on television and blasts the Obama administration for negotiating in secret should be asked if they have even taken the time to view the deal for themselves.

If the answer is no, why should anyone listen to them?

I'd also like to ask critics on the left why they trust the president to negotiate with Iran but not with countries such as Japan, Australia, Canada and Singapore.

Releasing the full text of the TPP to the public at this time would be pointless because the text isn't final while negotiations continue. If you want a general outline of what's included in the deal, however, you can visit the White House website.

It's not clear to me while some liberal critics wouldn't support a new deal that effectively erases the worst parts of NAFTA. Are the failures of the Clinton administration being projected onto the Obama administration? Is this reflexive concern-trolling for vanity's sake?