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Report: Staffers Signed NDAs Because Trump is a Paranoid Moron

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

Non-disclosure agreements signed by Trump's White House staffers are unconstitutional and unenforceable and the first federal judge who got a whiff of one would immediately void it, but that's not news to chief White House counsel Don McGahn.

In his own words, the purpose was signing the meaningless documents was to placate his boss according to the New York Times.

To calm Mr. Trump, Donald F. McGahn II, the White House counsel, drew up a broad document barring White House officials from publicly disclosing what they heard and saw at work. But he privately told senior aides that it was mainly meant to placate an agitated president, who was convinced that the people around him had to be pressured into keeping his secrets. Mr. McGahn made it clear the agreement could not ultimately be enforced, according to several people who signed.

The nondisclosure agreement, presented by Mr. Priebus to the senior staff last April, did not specify any penalties — financial or otherwise — for breaking it.

I would enjoy nothing more than watching Trump's henchman lawyer Michael Cohen try to tell a federal judge that Trump's staffers can't testify in court because they signed a piece of toilet paper.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that we'll ever see that happen. A number of former Trump regime staffers and officials have already testified in front of a grand jury or been interviewed by special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Non-disclosure agreements haven't stopped any of them.