Child President

Report: Trump is Already Bored

Written by SK Ashby

Today in a new ongoing series Trump is Exactly Who You Think He Is, we learn that Trump literally gets bored and turns on the television like a child even in the goddamn White House.

According to a report from Politico, those who are closest to Trump try to keep information away from him so he won't explode on Twitter or, you know, start a war or something.

One person who frequently talks to Trump said aides have to push back privately against his worst impulses in the White House, like the news conference idea, and have to control information that may infuriate him. He gets bored and likes to watch TV, this person said, so it is important to minimize that.

Yes, Trump is exactly who you think he is. He gets bored, twiddles his thumbs, then turns on CNN and gets mad. He is your racist uncle or grandparent.

To be fair, your estranged family members may still be more stable than he is.

This person said that a number of people close to him don't like saying no — but that it has to be done.

"You can't do it in front of everyone," this person said. "He's never going to admit he's wrong in front of everyone. You have to pull him aside and tell him why he's wrong, and then you can get him to go along with you. These people don't know how to get him to do what they need him to do."

It may be an insult to children to compare Trump to children because, from my own admittedly-limited experience, children tend to outgrow this by the time they reach the age of six or seven.

Gross insecurity aside, this internal White House policy of keeping information away from Trump does not bode well for how the administration will handle international crises in the future. To say the least.