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Report: Trump Will Call for Adopting Paul Ryan’s Path to Poverty

This is probably as close to a pivot as Donald Trump will ever come, and it's a pivot in the wrong direction if he was hoping to attract disaffected liberal voters.

The Republican presidential nominee's advisers say he will unveil a new economic plan that closely mirrors the Paul Ryan budget of record.

If you like the Paul Ryan plan you’re going to like our plan,” Trump adviser Stephen Moore said at an event hosted by Politico during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Moore said the new Trump plan and the Ryan plan will overlap by about 75 percent.

The plan is likely to be released a couple of weeks after the convention in a speech at the Detroit Economic Club, said Larry Kudlow, another adviser.

There was a time when Donald Trump pretended to be a populist with calls for raising taxes on rich people like himself, but that time has ended now that he has officially been crowned at the GOP convention.

White rage and racism propelled Trump into the nomination, but their motives were cloaked by the press under the guise of "economic anxiety" or whatever euphemism you prefer for white people who blame people of color for all that ails them. That cloak is about to fall, however, as Donald Trump adopts the same supply-side orthodoxy Republicans have been running on for decades.

Trump is just another Republican who is simply more openly racist than others who came before him.

Anyone who genuinely believed in Trump's faux populism is an immense sucker.