Report: Trump Will Send More Troops to Afghanistan

Written by SK Ashby

Trump isn't expected to announce his decision on whether to pull out of Afghanistan or send more troops there until later tonight but, according to sources who spoke to Reuters, Trump will announce that he's sending more troops.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump is likely to announce a modest increase in U.S. troop numbers in Afghanistan when he lays out his strategy on Monday for the war there, America's longest military conflict, a senior administration official said. [...]

With Taliban insurgent forces no nearer to defeat, the most likely outcome is that Trump will agree to sending more U.S. forces as recommended by his senior advisers, the official said. Current U.S. troop numbers are about 8,400.

If this report is accurate and Trump does announce that he's sending more Troops to Afghanistan, it would be the second (or third?) time we've "surged" troops to the country. It's possible Trump will even use the word "surge" tonight. He has the best words.

A record high number of over 100,000 Americans troops were present in Afghanistan in the summer of 2011, but that number dropped each year until a total of 8,400 remained when President Obama left office.

I certainly can't claim to know what the answer in Afghanistan is. I don't know if we should stay there or if completely pulling out could lead to an even worse outcome in the future. What I do know is there's virtually no chance of success under Trump. Whatever he announces tonight will end in failure because everything he announces ends in failure. He has the death touch.