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Report: Trump’s “Executive Time” Expands to Nine Hours

Written by SK Ashby

Politico originally reported last year that Trump dedicates most of each morning to "executive time" in which he remains in the White House residence watching TV and making personal phone calls.

Politico now reports that "executive time" has expanded to roughly 9 hours per day, meaning he only spends about 3 hours or less doing anything that could be described as work.

According to Politico, this included days last week when the MAGAbomber first struck.

President Donald Trump had about three times as much free time planned for last Tuesday as work time, according to his private schedule. The president was slated for more than nine hours of “Executive Time,” a euphemism for the unstructured time Trump spends tweeting, phoning friends and watching television. Official meetings, policy briefings and public appearances — typically the daily work of being president — consumed barely more than three hours of his day. [...]

Some White House aides insist the president is productive during these open stretches, calling lawmakers, Cabinet members and world leaders, and scheduling meetings rather than simply watching television in the private dining room off the Oval Office. One aide even described Trump as a “workaholic.”

But the president’s official commitments last week began no earlier than 11 a.m. according to the schedules obtained by POLITICO, and on Tuesday — in the midst of a potential serial bomber and two weeks ahead of the midterm elections — they didn't start until 1 p.m.

If it seems like Trump spends most of his time live-tweeting Fox News, that's because he is literally spending most of his time live-tweeting Fox News.

I feel an urge to say he should spend less time amusing himself, but maybe he shouldn't. Maybe it's for the best if he spends his time tweeting rather than freewheeling in the Oval Office.

If Trump decided to completely stop working at all, I would have a hard time coming up with a good reason why he shouldn't