Trump Regime

Report: Trumpworld Indictments Coming Tomorrow

Written by SK Ashby

Sources who spoke to multiple outlets last week said indictments for Trumpworld figures could be handed down as soon as this week, but now we know those indictments are coming tomorrow.

More specifically, the Wall Street Journal first reported this morning that the Trump Organization itself and its CFO Allen Weisselberg will both be served with charges tomorrow.

From CNN:

The expected charges are set to come after lawyers for the Trump Organization met twice with prosecutors in recent days to present arguments about why the company shouldn't face criminal charges.

And they will come after more than two years of investigation that began with an inquiry into accounting connected to hush-money payments made by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and expanded to include questions about whether the company or certain employees paid taxes on benefits including rent-free apartments, car leases or private school tuition.

Sources from within Trump's orbit also independently told NBC News that they expect charges will be filed tomorrow.

And what a wonderful day that will be. Even if Trump himself is never charged with a crime, charging his company is the next closest thing. Trump uses the Trump Organization to finance his corrupt schemes and personal lifestyle and without that his presence will be severely diminished.

I'm not entirely sure where our expectations should be. I did not believe prosecutors in New York could finally demolish the National Rifle Association (NRA), but the association is on the edge of being dissolved and the Trump Organization could follow. Prosecutors are undoubtedly aware that their case needs to be air-tight.