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Reports: Federal Prosecutors Investigating Fox News

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes is long gone, but the scandal he created is still with us and growing.

According to lawyers representing Andrea Tantaros, a former host who's suing Fox and Roger Ailes, federal prosecutors are investigating the network for possibly committing financial fraud, among other things.

Burstein said the federal investigation is centered on the masking of past settlement payments to victims of Ailes and others at Fox as salary and compensation, to avoid disclosure of the payments and the harassment.

In addition, Burstein alleged he had “compelling evidence that Fox had engaged in electronic surveillance” of Tantaros’ personal accounts, a claim with painful echoes for parent company 21st Century Fox and the Murdochs, the family that controls the publicly-traded corporation.

While state attorneys pursue their own investigation, Tantaros' lawyer Judd Burstein also intends to file a separate lawsuit against Fox for conducting surveillance of her communications.

That may seem like a wild claim or conspiracy theory but, as NPR pointed out, it wouldn't even be the first time a 21st Century Fox company has conducted illegal surveillance and hacking. The Murdoch-owned News of the World newspaper was exposed for hacking the phones of celebrities and officials

This is far from over.

  • muselet

    In an ideal universe, Roger Ailes and Andrea Tantaros are successes in fields that do not require great personal or professional integrity or skills.

    In a merely better universe, the two of them have already suffered a Sherlock-Holmes-and-Professor-Moriarty plunge off whatever the legal equivalent is of the Reichenbach Falls.

    In this universe, the civil actions will drag out for a decade or so until Ailes—or his heirs and assigns—decide to pull the plug and pay Tantaros some go-away money, and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III will scuttle the criminal investigation as soon as he figures out which key unlocks his office.


  • Aynwrong

    My sympathy for Tantaros has always been shall we say, jaded. She was the victim of abuse, violations and crimes no one should ever be subjected regardless of how anyone feels about her politics (which I find repulsive). But what I can’t help but always have in mind (despite my best efforts) is the lack of sympathy that Conservatives such as herself typically direct towards, well, anyone outside the tribe. Also, her proclaimed philosophy of Conservatism (the kind that’s actually practised by Fox viewers, not whatever high minded tripe David Brooks is usually peddling) preaches that sexual harassment, sexism & misogyny are essentially myths invented by Lefty snowflakes.

    The old adage goes:

    “A Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged by reality.”

    In that light, what does this make a Conservative woman who is the victim of a thing that modern day Conservatism says does not exist? Sexism.

    • ninjaf


    • Christopher Foxx

      I have zero sympathy for her. I’m not altogether comfortable with that, given that sexual embarrassment victims are due a great deal of sympathy and support.

      And yet, for Tantaros, I find I have none.