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Reports: Federal Prosecutors Investigating Fox News

Written by SK Ashby

Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes is long gone, but the scandal he created is still with us and growing.

According to lawyers representing Andrea Tantaros, a former host who's suing Fox and Roger Ailes, federal prosecutors are investigating the network for possibly committing financial fraud, among other things.

Burstein said the federal investigation is centered on the masking of past settlement payments to victims of Ailes and others at Fox as salary and compensation, to avoid disclosure of the payments and the harassment.

In addition, Burstein alleged he had “compelling evidence that Fox had engaged in electronic surveillance” of Tantaros’ personal accounts, a claim with painful echoes for parent company 21st Century Fox and the Murdochs, the family that controls the publicly-traded corporation.

While state attorneys pursue their own investigation, Tantaros' lawyer Judd Burstein also intends to file a separate lawsuit against Fox for conducting surveillance of her communications.

That may seem like a wild claim or conspiracy theory but, as NPR pointed out, it wouldn't even be the first time a 21st Century Fox company has conducted illegal surveillance and hacking. The Murdoch-owned News of the World newspaper was exposed for hacking the phones of celebrities and officials

This is far from over.