War On Women

Republican Outreach

Under current law, women in South Dakota must wait 72 hours between the time they request an abortion and the time they can legally have one, but that's not good enough for some Dakota Republicans.

House Bill 1237, sponsored by Republican Jon Hansen, would amend the waiting period rule to add the line, "No Saturday, Sunday, federal holiday, or state holiday may be included or counted in the calculation of the seventy-two hour minimum time period between the initial physician consultation and assessment and the time of the scheduled abortion procedure." It has 14 co-sponsors in the house and five in the state senate.

If you're going to seek an abortion, make sure you do so on a Monday. That is unless you're busy working. I assume this bill is intended to exploit work schedules to make it as difficult as possible to find time for an abortion. I can see no other possible motivation.

There's being a jerk, and then there's being a dick. I think this qualifies as the latter.

It's Republican outreach.