Abortion War On Women

Republican Outreach

Wisconsin Republicans are apparently operating under the mistaken belief that their real problem with women is that the electoral gender gap isn’t wide enough. That’s the only explanation for why you would describe trans-vaginal ultrasounds as “long overdue.”

At the Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative Conference this week, the state’s top Republican lawmakers assured attendees that they will do everything in their power to enact a forced ultrasound bill, which would mandate an invasive transvaginal probe for some women seeking first-trimester abortions. “This bill is a priority,” Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) said. “It is long overdue.”

The name of the bill is the “Woman’s Right to Know Her Unborn Child Act,” which would mandate an ultrasound before an abortion so the mother can hear a heartbeat. And because trans-vaginal ultrasounds are the only way to hear a heartbeat within the first few months, it would be a de facto trans-vaginal mandate.

Meanwhile, the economy of Wisconsin is still under-performing and still reeling from the last several years of Walker Economics but, you know, vaginal probes are a “priority.”

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