Republican Outreach

Virginia Republicans have selected Rev. Joe Ellison to be the party’s Director of African-American Engagement, and his mission will be to share the party’s values with black voters. via RightWingWatch

Republican Party of Virginia chairman Pat Mullins hailed Ellison for his “knowledge and experience,” and Ellison said that he will help build “the future of our party” by showing black voters that they “share far more values with the Republican Party than they realize.”

And what values would those be?

Ellison in 2010 announced that he is “declaring war against Planned Parenthood” and applauded televangelist Pat Robertson’s claim that Haiti was devastated by a deadly earthquake as divine retribution for making a “pact with the Devil” 200 years ago.


Picard and Riker Facepalm

Between Cuccinelli, EW Jackson, and Joe Ellison, the Virginia Republican party has become remarkably unhinged alongside their counterparts south of the border in North Carolina. And while he may not be the best candidate one could hope for, we should all hope Virginians find it within themselves to elect Terry McAuliffe.