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Republican Voters Agree: Somebody’s “Doing the Raping” and Trump’s Favorability Skyrockets

Written by SK Ashby

Far from tanking his approval rating among self-identified Republicans, Donald Trump's comments have apparently endeared him according to a new poll.

Fifty-seven percent of Republicans now hold a favorable view of Trump, compared to 40 percent who hold an unfavorable view. That is almost a complete turnaround from the last ABC News/Washington Post poll in May that found 65 percent of Republicans saw Trump unfavorably. That poll, released before Trump announced his candidacy, found his favorability at 16 percent.

In the latest survey, Bush only outpaces Trump by 6 points with a 63 percent favorability among Republicans.

If this trend continues, there's no reason for Trump to back down as far as I can tell. Republican voters love him.