Republicans Audition for 2024 With Electoral College Stunt

Written by SK Ashby

Congress is meeting in Washington today where they will certify the electoral college votes of all 50 states and Joe Biden's victory, but there will be a delay.

A group of Republicans led by several GOP senators are planning to slow the process down through a series of protests.

Senator Ted Cruz, seen as a potential 2024 presidential candidate, is expected on Wednesday afternoon to lead at least 11 other Republican senators, alongside a majority of the 211 Republicans in the House, in objecting to Electoral College results being formally approved by Congress.

The proceedings scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. EST (1800 GMT) for Congress to formally certify the presidential election results, the final step in a monthslong process, normally would be ceremonial and perfunctory.

This year, the proceedings could drag into Thursday.

All told, congressional Republicans are expected to draw the process out for about 12 hours; meaning it should be over before we wake up tomorrow and possibly before some of us (me) go to sleep. It's also possible the process could end this evening if Republicans get bored and move on.

In any event, their protest has no chance of succeeding. And they know that, but that's not the point. They do not believe they will succeed nor do they truly believe the election was stolen from Trump.

Republicans are positioning themselves for the midterm and the next presidential primary. Trump is currently speaking in Washington while I'm writing this and he's running down a list of Republicans who haven't been sufficiently loyal to him in his final days. Future GOP hopefuls don't want to be caught on Trump's bad side so today they will beclown themselves in Congress.

Personally, I do not believe Trump will be the same force in GOP politics four years from now as he is today, but they think he will be.