Republicans Continue to Attack Children

Republicans can't stop attacking noncombatants. Malkin stalked a kid. Glenn Beck revealed the name and location of a Muslim school in Northern Virginia and said they were indoctrinating kids into terrorism. World Net Daily attacked a high school play. Anti-choice activists targeted the child of a landlord who rents space to a women's clinic. Fox News investigated a little girl who asked a question at an town hall meeting. O'Reilly routinely stalks school principals and other low level easy targets.

And now Limbaugh is attacking a 13-year-old kid.

Using the power of his top-rated, nationally syndicated Clear Channel radio show, Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday repeatedly turned his AM wrath on a schoolboy and portrayed the 13 year-old as a villain in the Herman Cain sexual harassment saga.

A schoolboy.

Limbaugh even likened the young teenager to a Nazi storm trooper.

These guys are all Frank Burns from M*A*S*H. Petty, disgusting, impotent pricks with no class.