Republicans Filibuster Payroll Tax Cut

Disgusting bastards. The Republicans actually voted to raise taxes on working Americans by filibustering an extension on the president's payroll tax cut.

The cloture vote was 51-49 with two Democrats (Tester and Manchin) joining the Republican filibuster.

So everyone earning a paycheck just received a tax hike -- by the Republicans of all people, who claim to hate tax hikes (they clearly don't).

Of course, the filibuster occurred on the same day when anti-tax godfather Grover Norquist gave the Republicans his blessing to raise taxes.

Oh, and the Republicans have their own payroll tax cut plan. It's a peach.

The Republicans have offered an alternative plan, sponsored by Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV), which would extend the payroll tax cuts for one year, paid for by a freeze in federal workers’ pay together with weeding out more federal jobs.

Yep, the only way they'll do it is to fire more American workers and freeze the salaries of everyone who isn't fired. When unemployment is nine percent, they want to fire more Americans who have mortgages and debt and kids. Disgusting bastards.

The tally: