Republicans Unhinged by Immigration Anouncement

Irrespective of the rude interruption of President Obama's statement today from Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller, the president's move on immigration has already forced the Right Wing to expose their ass to America.

It's not amnesty, immunity, or even citizenship for "illegals", but the Right Wing is predictably labeling it as such, which I'm sure the president was at least partially counting on.

While they do account for the largest portion of immigrants, this announcement wasn't specifically directed at Latinos, but as you can see Matt Drudge used a picture of a man with a sombrero and the president holding tacos in his hands to depict the situation.

With some stipulations, such as having no criminal background and a high school education, young immigrants will be eligible for work permits to remain here in the United States.

It's not the Dream Act, but as long as Congress continues to sit on its hands and sing La La La, it's one of the few things the president can do. This will effect as many as 800,000 immigrants.

The Republican party, and Mitt Romney, will now have to figure out how they will oppose this without cratering their approval rating even further. And of course we can expect the GOP base to react with all due respect and candor, right?