Republicans: The Damned Truth and The Truth Be Damned


Oh boy. It's like trying to fix a stubborn cowlick while wearing boxing gloves.

Republicans just do not, will not, uh uh, want to cooperate in this little thing called Democracy. Period. And their game plan looks like this:


(Pardon the crude attempt at a Vonnegut-like visual aid.)

The proof that they will never, ever let this president -- this Democratic president -- tell them what's what is that no matter what he posits in terms of fixing all the things Bush broke, things which always could have been improved upon, things which would benefit less fortunate Americans, things which would restore our prestige abroad, which would restore the warmth to the nation's character, the Republicans look at him (and by extension the majority of America) with dead eyes, crossed arms and do absolutely nothing.

No alternative plans, suggestions, advice. No involvement, curiosity, no moments of introspection. Allowing violently disposed fringe elements to steer policy when that job used to be the bailiwick of legislators and operatives schooled in poly-sci. It's an approach that begs the question:

Do Republicans actually like Democracy?

Really. Their strategy seems to be one of complete disdain for the last 200 or so years of that defining American civil exercise. They are behaving as though they've discarded all pretense of caring or participation. Weird.

Ooh! I know! Perhaps the Republicans are playing into some master plan wherein all power is gradually, systematically leeched from the masses and centralized into a snug, capitalistic, corporate version of an aristocracy, keeping The People perpetually strained but entertained by shiny yet easily broken/disposable/replaceable baubles and only minimally involved in the basic running of the country so as to provide the citizenry with an illusion of democratic participation and therefore allowing them to distinguish their lives from that of common, old fashioned serfs.

Nah. That would be too simplistic, too 19th century. But back to today:

Even after realizing that Obama, master of many things they aren't, is also demonstrating a centrist rather than a dreaded leftist approach to governance, in many ways incorporating aspects which they themselves have favored in the past, to put forward his workable agenda as opposed to the armageddon/fascist/socialist dystopia the frothing Republican mouthpieces warned of, they still refuse to play.

Damn vexing! So, what could it be?

Hmm. Could it... is it because... oh, I don't know... is it because he's...


Nah. That would be too simplistic, too 19th century. Oh. Wait a minute...