Open Thread Racism

Rest in Peace


Artist – David Horsey

In other news, Fannie Mae will pay the Treasury Department $3.7 billion next month. Fannie Mae recieved $116 billion in bailout funds, however it has now repaid over $130 billion, a profit of $14 billion for taxpayers.

Meanwhile, The New York Times has a series of excellent photos taken in Ferguson, Missouri yesterday, including this one taken by Whitney Curtis which is making the rounds.


If you follow me on Twitter, or follow things I write in general , you probably know how I feel about the police in this photo who are playing soldier with masks, armor, rifles, and dogs against unarmed black men with their hands up. A scene repeated dozens of times yesterday.

For some obvious reason, unarmed black men are perceived to be far more threatening than open-carrying, white douches or militiamen literally aiming their rifles at federal agents.

There’s an inescapable double-standard in this country and it’s entirely racial.