Election 2012

Rick Santorum's Night in the Sun

So it's Santorum's turn in the driver's seat of the clown car.

He won all three elections last night -- Missouri (non-binding), Minnesota and Colorado.

I have to say, the fact that he's a crazy far-right ideologue aside, I've noticed that Santorum has been the most articulate, quick and seemingly wonky of the field. And he's made the fewest gaffes ("blah people" is one of the only ones that comes to mind) and suffered almost no scandals.

So I'm a little surprised that he hasn't resonated more. Probably a symptom of his lack of cash and SuperPAC support. But stacked up against the others strictly on performance, Santorum has been solid all along.

But it doesn't matter. Romney is the nominee.

Of course it's possible Santorum could end up in the VP slot. A wingnut to balance out Romney's less conservative record. Yeah. God help us all.