Right Wing Cranks Harassing Bergdahl’s Hometown

Jane Drussel, the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Hailey, Idaho tells NBC news that they’ve been flooded with hateful and angry phone calls concerning Bowe Bergdahl.

“Well, (I feel) disappointment number one, just absolutely total surprise at how bad some of them are,” she told NBC News on Tuesday. [...]

“All these five years, never a word of any negative nature whatsoever. And now, after two days, I was shocked when late at night, watching (TV) I started seeing the dragon’s head roar. Comments that are just off the wall.” [...]

“(We’re) really surprised at the people who are calling — they are hate calls, they’re not just people voicing an opinion,” she said. “The girls just don’t even… we’re all just absolutely in shock, we don’t know how to respond to that to tell you quite truthfully.”

In June of 2014, “support the troops” evidently became “fuck the troops.”

Also — fuck anyone who even lives in the same town as the troops, apparently.

What does the local Chamber of Commerce have to do with Bowe Bergdahl? Nothing, but conservative lunatics are angry and they’re here to tell you about it.