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RNC Pushing Isolated Debate Format

It appears that the NRC has finally realized their presidential primary debates make the party look like a bunch of lunatics.

They are lunatics, but why make it easier for the public to see that? The RNC is moving to limit the number of primary debates, but they’re also making a big mistake in the process.

At a meeting in Memphis, the RNC approved creating a committee to decide which debates candidates can participate in and which media organizations will be involved, including involving more conservative journalists in the process.

Candidates who violate the rules and participate in other debates will be barred from future ones, a major disincentive.

Limiting the number of primary debates is probably a smart move, but further isolating themselves by picking “conservative journalists” and presumably conservative media to conduct them is a recipe for a fact-free clown show.

Not that I’m necessarily complaining. I’m sure it will be very amusing, but the quality and relevance of the questions asked and the quality of the audience in attendance will almost certainly nosedive if the debates are moderated by the likes of only hardcore conservative media like Fox News, The Daily Caller, or the National Review.

There’s also an ethical dilemma.

Will staunchly partisan “conservative journalists” call candidates out when they misrepresent the truth? Will those so-called journalists even know what the truth is?