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RNC Speaker: President Obama is “Absolutely” a Secret Muslim

Former male model and reality TV actor Antonio Sabato Jr. spoke at the Republican convention last night, but what he said while he was on the stage is not garnering quite as much attention as what he said immediately afterward.

Sabato spoke to ABC News last night after he spoke at the GOP convention and said President Obama is "absolutely" a Muslim.

We had a Muslim president for 7 1/2 years," Sabato said. "I don't believe he is [a Christian]." [...]

"This guy made it really hard for me to support him," he said about Obama, saying that the president entered office with an agenda to move the country to the left.

"I believe that he's on the other side ... the Middle East," Sabato told ABC News. "He's with the bad guys."

I'm struggling with words here when all I really want to say is that Antonio Sabato Jr. is a fucking idiot.

To explain why he's a such a fucking idiot seems almost pointless. It's not as if pointing out that the Middle East is a very large and diverse region where America has several allies would make someone like Sabato understand that he's a fucking idiot. Just a completely hopeless imbecile.

Sabato is a 44 year old racist who still sincerely refers to America's enemies as "the bad guys." That makes him a perfect fit for the Republican party.

I've probably used my entire allotment of "fucks" for today. The number that came out of my mouth easily quadrupled the number seen on this page.