Romney Becomes Even More un-Safe and un-Electable

Earlier this week polls showed that Mitt Romney's favorability had dropped 35 percent among independents since the beginning of the month and his overall disapproval rating had nearly doubled among self-identified Republicans.

A new Quinnipiac poll released today show Mitt Romney's favorability has dropped by another 9 percent since then.

But Romney is still struggling among the state's more conservative voters. He trails Gingrich, 41 percent to 20 percent, among those likely primary voters who support the tea party. Among those who do not support the tea party, Romney romps, 47 percent to 24 percent.

Romney also holds a massive lead over Gingrich among those voters who say they are not evangelical or born-again Christians, 49 percent to 27 percent. But Gingrich leads among evangelicals, 39 percent to 29 percent.

In the waning days of the campaign in Florida, both candidates' negatives are rising, the poll shows. The percentage of likely voters who have an unfavorable opinion of Romney has risen 9 points since earlier this week, and the percentage who view Gingrich unfavorably is up 12 points. Now, just half of likely voters have a favorable impression of Gingrich, compared to 61 percent who view Romney favorably -- an double-digit decrease for both candidates over the previous poll.

Different polling organizations have different numbers, but they all reflect a trend of Mitt Romney become a weaker and weaker candidate as the Republican primary drags on.

Romney is still failing to attract the Tea Party and Evangelical vote, which represents the core-base -- or Lunatic Base as I like to call it -- of the Republican party, and his efforts to stop the hemorrhaging is costing him dearly among independents and moderates.

President Obama is going to have an infinitely easier time appealing to independent and moderate voters while retaining the support of his base than Mitt Romney because, unlike the Republican party, the Democratic party's base is not comprised of crazy people.