Election 2012

Romney Didn’t Really Win Michigan

According to ABC News, Mitt Romney did not necessarily "win" the state of Michigan. Based on performance in congressional districts, Santorum and Romney actually tied with 15 out of 30 delegates being awarded to both.

Not so fast. When it comes to delegates, it turns out Mitt Romney did not win Michigan.

ABC News projects that the 30 delegates awarded based on Michigan’s Tuesday primary will be evenly split – 15 delegates for Mitt Romney and 15 delegates for Rick Santorum.

Mitt Romney may have won the overall vote by a margin of 3 points , but Michigan awards it’s delegates based on how the candidates did in each of the state’s 14 congressional districts, not solely on the popular vote totals.

Of course nearly every big media headline from late last night and this morning hyped Romney's Michigan "win" as some big deal that would put him back on the right track.

Not-surprisingly, that may not be the case. Following a week of Santorum town-crying over Satan, the separation of church and state, and the snobbery of higher education, Romney only won the popular vote by 3 percent in his home state which he won by higher margin in 2008. And that 3 percent came from one of the wealthiest areas of the state.

It's still likely we're looking at a Romney nomination by the end of the summer, but his Michigan not-win hasn't made him any more appealing to the general public than he was before.