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Romney Wants Ryan to Run for President, Not Speaker

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would rather not see his former presidential running mate become the next speaker of the house.

Romney says Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) may doom his chances of fulfilling his destiny as a future failed presidential nominee.

"It's really tough decision for him and I'm sure a personal one," Romney, who tapped Ryan as his 2012 running mate, said during an interview on CNN's "State of the Union."

"I see Paul as one of the people coming along that has the potential to lead our country," Romney continued. "There haven't been a lot of people that have gone on from Speaker to the White House, so I would hate to lose him."

As a Democrat, I too would rather see Paul Ryan run for president, become the nominee, and be easily defeated by virtually anyone Democrats would nominate.

Who wouldn't relish the chance to run against the author of the Path to Prosperity Poverty, again? Who wouldn't want to run against this?


The way I see it, Republicans are screwed no matter who they nominate for president or speaker. The latter will be capable of inflicting far more harm on the nation.

Personally I wouldn't choose Paul Ryan to run a goddamn hotdog stand.