Election 2012

Romney's Anticlimactic Victory

He's from Massachusetts and he's been campaigning in New Hampshire for five years. Of course he was going to win.

What continues to be remarkable to me is the ineffectual tea party. While Ron Paul was second, much of the tea party, and its far-right voices on the radio and blogs, are supporting Gingrich (before him, Cain and Perry). This so-called powerful movement in the party isn't very powerful after all, as evidenced by the now-obvious nomination of a moderate Republican.

Oddly enough, Romney will go on to win in South Carolina, but with slightly narrower margins. When he does, he'll be crowned the winner of the nomination. Meanwhile, Ron Paul will continue his ridiculous stunt, weakening the nominee.

And finally, regarding Romney's red meat victory speech last night, if you think President Obama is some sort of progressive-hating center-right conservative, just know that half the nation agrees with everything Romney said last night. That includes the nonsense about the president being a weak appeaser -- the same president who ordered a surge in Afghanistan (now over and withdrawing), the killing of Bin Laden, and participated in a NATO effort to oust Qaddafi who was eventually killed as well.