Election 2012

Romney's Awfulness is a Gold Mine

The president's re-election team must be salivating over the prospect of a super-rich spazz with a glass jaw.

There's still enough material in one or two of those [Bain] stories to make for some wrenching ads that are bound to pack more emotional wallop. And they’ll resonate more because of who Romney is and how he comes across—his gaudy net worth, his difficulty connecting with people, all of that. In some ways, the most damning thing in that documentary is that he tore down a $12 million beach house in La Jolla because it was inadequate to his needs.

I repeat: Mitt Romney is among the .001% wealthiest people in America. He's in the 1% of the 1%. In other words, there's a 99% among the 1% and Mitt's too rich to be a part of that 99%.