Election 2012

Ron Paul Defends Romney’s Bain History

For some inexplicable reason, Ron Paul is the only candidate in the race who seems to have decided not to be the anti-Romney. Paul has labeled Romney as a "member of the establishment," but has not mounted a serious effort to assail Romney's economic or social record, both of which are a train wreck.

Paul could be under the mistaken belief that he may be chosen as a vice presidential candidate, however a statement from Paul today suggests he hasn't attacked Mitt Romney's economic record because he doesn't see anything wrong with it.

Ron Paul has differentiated himself from his Republican rivals again, this time by opting not to join the chorus that is relentlessly attacking Mitt Romney. While Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry have been more than eager to assail Romney for his much-publicized “fire people” gaffe and time spent at Bain Capital, Paul has thrown the GOP frontrunner a life raft. According to CNN, Paul decried Romney’s critics for “unfairly attacking” the former Massachusetts governor for remarks that were taken out of context. Paul added that those who are criticizing Romney for his time at the venture capital company “don’t understand” the free market.

We do understand. We understand quite well.

We understand that an unregulated and unchecked "free market" leads to the kind of financial manipulation firms Bain represents. Vulture capitalists who will do anything to make a buck because anything is legal.

We understand that an unregulated and unchecked free market lead to the 2008 financial crisis.

In Ron Paul's wild west version of free market capitalism, Bain would be the rule, not the exception. And it would be up to you, the individual, to ensure you don't get fucked by Corporate America. Because in Ron Paul's America, no is going to watch out for you.

I can't imagine a starker contrast than Ron Paul's idea of absolute capitalism compared to President Obama's recess appointment of a director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And any self-described liberal promoting Ron Paul as a suitable alternative to President Obama should take some time off and rethink their life.