Election 2012

Ron Paul Would Ruin America

It appears as though Andrew Sullivan is developing a pitch for Ron Paul.

Matt Stoller is, too.

I've received quite a few emails and tweets from progressive Ron Paul supporters. And everything is leading me to this question: is everyone losing their fricking minds?

Yes, he would try to end overseas interventions and he might try to end indefinite detention.

If you're a single-issue voter who only cares about non-interventionism, then Ron Paul STILL isn't your guy. Why? Because Ron Paul isn't a singe-issue candidate. As I wrote yesterday, he wants to do a lot of terrible things to you. He's been trying to do terrible things for many years in Congress as an appetizer.

Given the platform and constitutional power of the chief executive, Ron Paul would ruin America.

So snap the hell out of your idealistic, tunnel-vision stupor and wise up.