George W. Bush Torture

Rove: Bush Knew All About Torture


Former President George W. Bush has been thrown under the bus again.

Dick Cheney told Fox News last week that Bush knew all about the “techniques” they used at CIA black sites. Former chief of staff Karl Rove was more specific on Fox News Sunday.

“He made the decision,” Rove said. “He was presented, I believe, 12 techniques, he authorized the use of 10 of them, including waterboarding.” […]

Rove argued the Senate report presents a misleading narrative of the CIA’s practices because investigators did not speak to senior Bush administration officials.

“It is illustrative of the problem of this report. They talked to no one,” he said.

Why should anyone talk to Rove?

The Bushies have made it clear that they do not believe what they did was torture, but they would do it again in a heart beat. What else is there to say?

They’re sociopaths.

The Senate torture report concluded that former President Bush was kept in the dark about much of the torture program, but Cheney and Rove have gone out of their way to make it clear that he knew all about it.