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Rubio: I’m One of You Guys

RubioHeadlineFFPCNow that his poll numbers have plummeted and his 2016 stock has evaporated, Senator Marco Rubio is hitting the wingnut circuit in an attempt to salvage his wholesome, arch conservative image.

Rubio will keynote a fundraiser this week for a virulently anti-gay organization, the Florida Family Policy Council, in honor of Mat Staver.

via RightWingWatch

The FFPC is led by John Stemberger, the anti-gay activist who most recently helped launch a Boy Scouts splinter group that will ban openly gay youth, and the fundraiser will honor Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver. [...]

Stemberger previously chaired Florida for Marriage, which spearheaded the campaign to pass a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex unions, and founded the anti-gay Boy Scout alternative Trail Life USA. [...]

Mat Staver is the head of the Liberty University School of Law and its legal affiliate, Liberty Counsel, a sponsor of the Values Voter Summit. Liberty Counsel has beenimplicated in the Lisa Miller kidnapping case, where a client kidnapped her daughter and fled to Central America after a court granted custody to her former partner. At a previous Values Voter Summit, Staver claimed that progressives are using LGBT rights and secular government in order to “ultimately implode America” and that the “agenda of the homosexual movement” is to destroy freedom and western civilization.

The Florida Family Policy Council promises that Marco Rubio will make “headlines and news” with a “major policy speech” which he will give in front of an audience that supports the creation of a strictly anti-gay alternative to the Boy Scouts and ex-gay conversion therapy for children.

I have no doubt that Rubio will make headlines and news, it just may not be the headlines and news one needs if they hope to actually win something greater than a primary contest.

Anything else would require outreach. Remember outreach?

Not to go too meta, but this crowd is why Chris Christie’s inevitable campaign will flame out as quickly as Rudy’s did. The Republican party is a regional party, and the liberal northeast is not their region.

(h/t MotherJones)