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Rush Limbaugh Nominated For Author Of The Year

Oh, good grief.

(CNN) - The Children’s Book Council and its Every Child a Reader program released on Thursday their author-of-the-year finalists for their annual Children’s and Teen Choice Book Awards.

Limbaugh is one of the four finalists, and his nomination has prompted outrage on social media, given the host’s often-incendiary nature.

Limbaugh’s book is titled, “Rush Revere and The Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans” – a time-traveling tale of colonial America and the latest of two books in the “Rush Revere Series” published last year by Simon & Schuster.


Because a windowless van dropping candy and bear traps would have been indiscreet.

The other finalists are obviously socialists trying to destroy our freedom-loving culture and heritage.

The nomination, based on bestseller numbers, was met with shock and horror by people who must believe decency and historical accuracy should be a thing when educating children, but this outcry from the PC Police forced the Children’s Book Council to issue a statement in regard to their nominating process.

On Friday, a 13 year old girl whose idiot parents should probably be arrested for child endangerment, called in to tell Rush Limbaugh just how much his words of hate-wisdom meant to her in the pursuit of historical ignorance:

RUSH: We have Evangeline, 13 years old from Vernon, Florida. Welcome to the program. It’s wonderful to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Helloooo!

RUSH: Hello!

CALLER: How are you? (giggles)

RUSH: (laughing) I’m great. How are you?

CALLER: Uh, excited. (giggles)

RUSH: Well, good! Good! It’s nice to know you’re excited.

CALLER: Are we on the air?

RUSH: We’re on the air.  Time to go.  We don’t have much time.

CALLER:  Oh, I’m sorry.  Well, I wanted to talk to you about your book, and I’ve also read your second book.  I really enjoyed it, and I am not a fan of history. I don’t even read books, and I read your books through. (giggles)  I really, really enjoyed it.  I used the flashlight for a couple of hours because we were camping.

RUSH:  And you had to read in the dark?

CALLER:  I didn’t want to go to sleep yet because I wanted to find out what happened. I wanted to finish it.

RUSH:  Well, that’s pretty big, if you don’t like history but you went to all the trouble to get a flashlight to read it, that’s pretty flattering, Evangeline.

CALLER: (giggling)

RUSH: That’s very flattering.  You’ve read the second book already?

CALLER:  Yes.  I read it fast.

Not a fan of history and she read it fast. In the dark.

Checkmate, America.

Just a drug-addled, racist, misogynistic hatemonger talking shop with his victims targeted peer group– young boys and girls.