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Rush Limbaugh’s Latest Conspiracy: The Latest Unemployment Numbers Are Fake

Sounds like a certain someone is back on the baby blues. Either Limbaugh is high as a kite, or he’s just so desperate to find a reason why the unemployment numbers have reached the lowest point since 2008 that he’s resurrected one of the most ludicrous conspiracy theories in recent memory.

This today is as illegitimate — this 5.9 percent number is even more illegitimate than the 7.9 percent number [in October, 2012]. There’s no way that this country has an economy producing jobs with an unemployment rate of 5.9 percent. It just isn’t happening. Take a look around. There’s a reason Obama’s having to do speeches and tell people the economy’s going great, you just don’t feel it. They don’t feel it because it isn’t real.

No, the reason the president is giving speeches on the robust nature of the economy is because it’s true, and because he’s a politician one month away from a midterm election. But there’s another major reason why some Americans might not be “feeling it” — it’s because flimflam artists and members of the conservative entertainment complex whose personal fortunes rely upon relentlessly fabricating conspiracy theories about the White House have been selling a bogus narrative about the Obama economy. Limbaugh did it right there, in that quote. Not a single damn number to back up he claim that “it just isn’t happening” — and lying in the face of overwhelming evidence and basic logic.

First, the overwhelming evidence…. CONTINUE READING

ht K. Miremadi