Ryan on Mass Shootings: We’re Focusing on Mental Health by Eliminating Coverage

Written by SK Ashby

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke to reporters this morning when he was asked how his Congress will respond to the Las Vegas shooting that killed nearly 60 and wounded over 500 others.

As you might imagine, Ryan said something completely disingenuous.

Asked what Congress is doing to try and prevent such tragedies in the future, Ryan cited “mental illness reform.”

“So then was it a mistake to make it easier for mentally ill people to get a gun?” a reporter asked. [...]

“There were people whose rights were being infringed,” Ryan replied. “It’s a little more complicated than you’re describing.”

The GOP under Ryan has tackled "mental illness reform" in much the same they're tackling "tax reform."

Republicans in Congress and the White House just spent the past 9 months (or 9 years) attempting to shred mental health coverage in America. Every Obamacare repeal bill considered by Congress this year would have cut Medicaid by a trillion dollars and also repealed Obamacare's essential health benefits which includes mental health coverage.

The GOP also, you know, nominated and supported Trump and that definitely wasn't good for our collective mental health.