Sadistic ICE Agents Target Victims of Labor Abuse

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

ICE agents have arrested transgender women seeking protection from domestic violence, they've arrested kitchen staff who just cooked breakfast for them, and now they're trying to arrest victims of labor violations.

State officials in California are apparently very pissed off because ICE agents have been stalking victims who report abuse to the Labor Commissioner’s Office.

State officials sent a memo in July instructing staff members to refuse entry to ICE agents who visit its offices to apprehend immigrants who are in the country without authorization.

Staff members should ask federal immigration agents “to leave our office, including the waiting room, and inform the agent[s] that the labor commissioner does not consent to entry or search of any part of our office,” the memo said.

If agents refuse to leave, the memo tells employees, demand a search warrant signed by a judge before allowing them onto the premises.

The greater fear now is that employers may report their own employees to ICE if they rock the boat by reporting labor violations to the state.

But that's all part of the plan, isn't it? That's the goal. The goal is white supremacy.

ICE behaves less like a law enforcement agency and more like an organized crime movement. An agency this devoid of discipline and decorum with a level of professional courtesy that apparently hinges on executive leadership alone should be abolished.

  • muselet

    ICE agents are having “fun” again at their job. They don’t have to do any actual work, they just have to stake out courthouses and restaurants and the Labor Commissioner’s office, and scoop up anyone who isn’t pale enough.

    I’m not sure which angers me more: the white-supremacist hooey the White House is farting out (the latest such being the proposed restrictions on legal immigration) or the laziness of the thugs at ICE.


  • ninjaf

    This is a feature not a bug to his cronies, right? And even the small to middling size businesses who abuse the labor force? If their undocumented workers think of complaining, now they have to also overcome the fear of deportation so these business owners can now cut or steal their wages and also endanger their safety by cutting corners. #MAGA (I feel dirty even typing that, even though it is sarcastic.)