Sam Brownback Finally Receives His Parachute

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

It was first reported several months ago that Kansas governor and supply-side truther Sam Brownback would be handed a ticket out of town by the Trump regime and last night he finally got his wish.

Brownback has been nominated to serve as "ambassador for religious freedom," whateverthehell that means.

If Brownback is successfully confirmed by the U.S. Senate, the new position will draw his time as governor to a close and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer will become governor.

Brownback has been among the most unpopular governors in the country and his departure could mark a sea change for Kansas. He has been increasingly at odds with a state Legislature that is more moderate, culminating in the rollback of his signature tax policy in June to close a budget shortfall. [...]

Clay Barker, the executive director of the Kansas Republican Party, said that while Brownback was controversial, he was a “very consequential governor.”

Yeah. He was certainly consequential, and the consequences were not good.

That's actually a pretty slick burn by his fellow Republican.

I feel like Browmback should be responsible for cleaning up the mess he made in Kansas before he leaves, but on the other hand he's shown no signs that he's willing to do so.

The state legislature did reinstate the taxes that Brownback eliminated, tax cuts that plunged the state into a bottomless fiscal hole, but doing so required overriding Brownback's veto. Brownback was never going to cooperate so it may be best for everyone that he's leaving.

  • Arthur Croft

    RE the headline:
    Let’s hope the rip cord fails.

  • swift_4

    Congratulations to Governor Colyer on his next two and a half terms. Because people in Kansas will be that fucking stupid.

  • David Greenberg

    A face I would love to punch, second only to Trump, Kobach, Hannity, Limbaugh,Bannon, Kushner, Gingrich, Gohmert, Palin, Bachman………..
    Oh, you get the idea.

  • Aynwrong

    We’re going to need an ambassador for freedom from religion with the likes of Sam Brownback running around the government.

  • muselet

    It would do my cynical old heart good for the Senate to refuse to confirm Sam Brownback to this (ridiculous) ambassadorship, although there’s little danger of that happening.

    Brownback will, therefore, continue the proud R tradition of failing upward.


  • Sam Brownback is the perfect asshole to be cruel to Americans that don’t fit his idea if Christian. It was probably Pence’s idea, and will shore up support from “The Base” at a critical time.

    • muselet

      Charlie Pierce this morning made much the same point:

      [G]iven Brownback’s history as a radically conservative Catholic, one of those Crisis/First Things types who look with great envy at how Pat Robertson does business and who long for the days when a pope could terrify people at a distance, I suspect that easing the pain of the prejudice that might be afflicting, say, Muslims in Europe is not going to be at the top of agenda.

      I’d add that the administration as a whole is unlikely to care much about the religious freedoms of any group that couldn’t or didn’t vote for Donald Trump.


      • Hopefully Brownback can molder in relative obscurity.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Browmback should be responsible for cleaning up the mess he made in Kansas before he leaves,

    Naw. That’ll be the job of a Democrat.

    Who will then be blamed for the mess in the first place, and who will be unpopular due to tax hikes.

    Which they will remedy by electing a Republican who will roll them back and, in the process, crater the economy.

    And so the cycle continues.

    • muselet

      Alas, true.