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Sam Brownback Scores One for Hate, Reverses LGBT Non-Discrimination Order

For reasons that I would call obtuse and asinine, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has rolled back a non-discrimination order that has been on the books for 8 years.

From the Associated Press:

Brownback says legislators should approve any expansion of anti-discrimination laws, and that Sebelius — who later became President Barack Obama's health secretary — acted unilaterally

But he reaffirmed the state's commitment to preventing discrimination against state workers based on race, gender, religion or national origin.

I'm sure the conservative state legislature will get right on expanding the state's non-discrimination laws as soon as they and the good governor have thoroughly cratered the state's economy.

Sebelius's actions may have been unilateral, but those unilateral actions, which had been on the books since 2007, clearly didn't plunge the state into an age of heathenism and darkness. Why rescind the order now?

While the governor 'reaffirms the state's commitment to preventing discrimination' based on religion, the religious will be free to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

There's no word on whether or not this will help plug holes in the state budget.