Sam Brownback’s Fiscal Failure Makes Sam Brownback Cry

Written by SK Ashby

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's self-imposed fiscal quagmire reportedly made Brownback cry last night.

During a meeting with state House Republicans, Brownback was overcome with emotion and, perhaps, the realization that he created this mess.

“He got emotional,” said a legislator in attendance who viewed the governor’s disposition as evidence of his passion for Kansans. “He was eager for us to come together as a party.” [...]

Brownback also made reference, legislators said, to backlash he faced when out in public. In March, for example, he was booed by fans at the NCAA Tournament game in Omaha between The University of Kansas and Wichita State University.

Why are people so mean to Sam Brownback?

Could it be because he insisted that his magic tax cuts would work if voters gave it more time? Could it because his administration is systematically dismantling public education and doing everything in their power to shame the poor?

Need I go on?

Brownback also reportedly lamented the fact that he has already been forced to cut state spending once before which tells us that he is either a liar or an incredible idiot.

The latter seems more likely to me because this is a man who fostered the conditions that would necessitate massive spending cuts. He either doesn't feel sorry for doing this and is lying, or he didn't realize what would happen when he did it.

'But they told me tax cuts increase revenue! You're telling me they don't?'

The Kansas House passed a bill to avoid an across-the-board spending cut after the governor poured his heart out to them, but the great news is the state will get to go through this all over again next year as Brownback's signature tax cuts continue to take their toll.