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Sarah Palin Continues To Speak For All Conservatives

Sarah Palin on Fox Sunday with Chris Wallace today discussing her views on the Senate’s recent move to allow democracy to prevail conveying some sort of folksy coded-message to Christmoose Chili-loving America is enough to make any seasoned journalist weep internally.

Wallace stated that President Obama’s nominees have been held up at more than twice the rate of former President Bush’s and asked the former, almost-Vice President of The Free World, “Doesn’t any president — Republican or Democrat — have the right to be able to name his team unless a nominee is just wildly outside the mainstream?”

After accusing the president of having pals who are no doubt terrorists trying to help him “usher in an agenda to transform America,” Sarah Palin sits down at America’s Thanksgiving dinner table and narrates the scene in Bizarro-Norman Rockwell fashion:

“As for this rule change that some people are calling the nuclear option under Senate rules, you know, I guarantee, this week, Thanksgiving Dinner, people sitting around their tables were not going to be talking about the president blessing this thwarting of a balance of power in Congress with new Senate rules– People are going to be talking about our failed big government policies that will bankrupt this country.”

“So, this distraction, this new talking point in the media and with Congress and with Senators and with the president blessing this action, it’s a distraction and it’s a lot of, you know, double standard and Democrat hypocrisy because just a few years ago they were so anti, anti-nuclear option.”

“So, American people, they don’t care about distractions like that. They’re not in the inside baseball Senate rules stuff. They want government to be back on our side. They want it to get out of our lives… So, this new rule change, it stinks.”

For the record, she didn’t pronounce “nuclear” correctly, and the ellipsis at the bottom of the quote is more of a stenographer’s surrender flag than a tool for expedience.

Nearly 60 million people who could never be wrong about anything– ever– voted for this person to be next in line to the presidency. Of America.

Just pointing that out to preempt the argument that she represents an insignificant segment of American politics.